Producing Artistic Director Gerald LaBita’s Theater LaB Houston continues its mission to introduce Houston audiences to an outstanding array of theatrical productions that are exciting, bold, contemporary and certainly not to be missed with The Best Brothers, a bittersweet comedy about burying Mom!
One of Canada’s most prolific artists, The Best Brothers author Daniel MacIvor is an award winning playwright, screenwriter, actor and director and much more. His stage works include His Greatness,Never Swim Alone and Marion Bridge. He is the writer, director and star in many independent Canadian films.
The Best Brothers tells the tale of Bunny Best who met her unfortunate end at a Gay Days parade. Now her two sons, Kyle and Hamilton, have the task of arranging her funeral and carrying for most beloved companion, a troublesome Italian greyhound named Enzo. In the bustle of obituary-writing, eulogy-giving and dog-sitting, sibling rivalry quickly reaches its peak and years of buried contentions surface.
The Best Brothers explores the many ways in which we grieve and the love we find in unexpected places. It’s “one of the most beautifully, bittersweet plays MacIvor has written,”The Globe and Mail says.
Directed by Stuart Purdy and featuring Jim Salners and Steve Bullitt, The Best Brothers runs for ten performances on the intimate MATCH Box 1 stage February 17 through March 5.

WHAT: Theater LaB Houston’s production of The Best Brother
WHERE: 3400 Main Street Houston, Texas 77002
WHEN: February 17 through March 5
TICKETS: $34–$38
RESERVATIONS:, 713-521-4533