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In the Gayborhood

Mold: The four-letter word nobody wants

Hello, my incredible Gayborhood residents. It’s me, John Buchanan, your Gayborhood realtor of choice for three years now. My, how time flies and there is nothing better than spending every two weeks with my Gayborhood. I love talking about real estate needs and wants, things to improve your home’s value and things that ‘unimprove’ your homes value. I try to educate all my readers with helpful hints tips — anything that can and will save you money for your home.

Yes, there are lots of four letter words that excite us such as suck, lick and _uck. Yes, you got that message loud and clear.

Well, in this issue the four-letter word we never want to hear is mold.

Yes girl, mold. Every house has mold of some sort, but not all mold is dangerous. But when it comes to inside your home mold is unwanted.

You might be asking yourself the following: “Self, how does mold get in my house?” Well, it actually can travel in the air. The small mold spores travel that through the air are looking for a host environment in order to produce and reproduce.

Outdoor mold is fine; it helps in the environment by breaking down things such as leaves, trees, etc. and helps with natural mulching.

Indoor mold is a different animal totally. Indoor mold can be deadly, so please pay attention and learn. Mold must have one thing indoors to survive. No, it's not wine or a cheap date. Mold must have a host and the host is moisture. This is why it's so important to immediately take care of leaks inside your home.

If untreated, the small leaks create moisture that, in turn, provides a healthy habitat for mold spores, creating unwanted, unhealthy mold.

Mold can be invisible, but it usually will come out in spots, usually black, and usually unattractive spots. When you notice any spotting on your floors or walls, you should address the situation immediately. Small, new mold signs will turn into aggressive, large mold areas.

Small mold areas can be addressed with some chemicals from your local warehouse stores, such as Lowes or Home Depot. If you’re not sure if it's actually mold you can go to Walmart and buy an inexpensive mold testing kit; it cost under $20 — well worth your money and peace of mind.

If you do come to the realization you have mold contact a professional and get it treated. The longer you wait, the more issues and problems you will have.

If you don't know any mold remediation specialist, I will put you in touch with one. You might ask if I get paid by doing this. My answer would be no. I just want to help and protect all my residents in the Gayborhood.

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 John Buchanan

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