By Johnny Trlica

Russians hacking our elections, a paranoid and delusional old man in the White House and a woman on her knees on an Oval Office sofa—there’s been a lot to talk about over the past two weeks. We’ve touched on those topics at HRH but we try to stay focused on LGBTQ issues. Try.

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been reporting at

Hugh Jones joins HRH as marketing director

Houston Rainbow Herald announced on Friday, March 3 that Hugh M. Jones has signed on as its first marketing director. Hugh hails originally from Monterrey, Mexico and is currently a news anchor at radio station KPFT 90.1FM, also known as Pacifica Radio.

Jones promises to “ shake things up a little” at HRH while adding, “ The hope is to elevate the publication just a tad, since it’s a force of its own.”

Jones maintains that his interest in HRH came in the form of the eclectic material and the website’s ability to share the most interesting articles from anywhere! He plans on doing some original writing and reporting for the Bayou City’s only daily LGBTQ internet newspaper, as well.

Jones has previous experience as an apartment community marketing director before joining the terrestrial radio station KPFT, where he can be heard on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 p.m. As the news anchor for KPFT’s local news, along with HRH, he hopes “ to have found a new outlet for his political obsessions.”

HRH editor Johnny Trlica is excited to have Jones join the team.

“ We have spent six years building a following but the one thing we have always lacked was someone to market our product,” Trilca said. “ I think Hugh is the perfect man for the job in that
he understands the mission of the Houston Rainbow Herald and wants to help us attain our goals.”

Trlica said he plans to use revenue generated from advertising attained by Hugh to build the HRH’s footprint in the Houston LGBTQ community, but promises the publication will stay true to its mission to educate, enlighten and entertain its audience.

Transgender boy wins girls’ state wrestling championship

“ He’s gonna change the world.”

That’s what Mack Beggs’ grandmother said after the 17 year old won the Texas girls’wrestling championship on February 25. Beggs, a Euless Trinity High School student who identifies as a male, defeated Chelsea Sanchez of Katy Morton Ranch High School in the Class 6A Girls Championship wrestling match for the 110 pound division, reports

Born female, Beggs has been taking testosterone to transition to male. He wanted to compete against boys, but state rules wouldn’t allow it. The University Interscholastic League, the commission that oversees Texas high school athletics, passed a rule in 2016 that dictates athletes must compete based on the gender listed on their birth certificate.

F Bar freak-out

A fight involving as many as 200 people broke out in the parking lot of F Bar early Friday morning, February 24, reported the

“ Multiple fights were breaking out around in the parking lot of F Bar around 2:45 a.m. Only one Houston police unit was working the scene when it first sparked. Twenty more officers arrived later to help control the crowd,” said the report.

Officers detained several people, but the Harris County District Attorney’s Office declined to charge anyone. Everyone was eventually let go.

F Bar owner Irwin Palchick issued a statement regarding the incident. In a Facebook post, Palchick wrote: “ Last night after F Bar closed its doors for Thursday night business the parking lot filled with patrons leaving and buying food from the taco truck. Our HPD officers were in the parking lot making sure the patrons moved on out of the lot to their cars when apparently a fight broke out in the street having nothing to do with F Bar but with patrons that were arguing among themselves absolutely nothing to do with the F Bar.

“ Some people just don’t know how to act in public and we cannot control that. F Bar had a substantial crowd Thursday and noticed that some were not regulars and all were well behaved in the building. Again, we cannot control how people act in the street. Our officers were on it and called for backup to handle the situation, there were not any injuries thank goodness. Everyone in the business were over 21 and had ID’s inspected upon entry. I thank everyone for their concern and posts, I just wanted to make it clear this was completely out of the control of the club….”

A woman on her knees in the Oval Office, again

Why is the image of a woman on her knees in the Oval office causing such a ruckus? It is not the first time it has happened, albeit that was a long time ago with a different president and she was not surrounded by men.

Senior White House advisor and alternative facts arbiter Kellyanne Conway was photographed kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office while the President met with leaders of historically black colleges and universities. The set of photos showed Conway situating herself on the couch to take a photo of the group, but social media users took offense at her sitting on the furniture in heels.

Is Conway being disrespectful, or are we just too sensitive and making too much of it?