By John Buchanan

Hello, Gayborhood. Spring is gone and summer is getting ready to bear down. Every issue of Gayborhood I try to bring interesting topics worth discussion. This week’s topic makes me sit back and wonder what you think.

I enjoy nothing more than working with gay clients. I enjoy providing an atmosphere that welcomes my clients, whether single, married or divorcing (ugh, I hate the last word, divorcing). Who would have ever thought divorce would be an issue in the gay community?

My topic this week deals with houses being decorated with a feminine feel or a masculine feel. When I’m out with couples I usually can tell who has a more feminine slant vs. masculine slant. Yes, every once in a while I’m fooled, but not usually. I love when one of the clients is over-the-top feminine and the other is quiet, reserved and appears more masculine. Usually the feminine client is very vocal during the outing, and lets everyone know his thoughts and emotions. I must admit, I’m the loud, vocal one, so I can relate.

But how does this translate to decorating the house? Well, you can usually tell the minute you walk into a home if it’s more feminine or masculine. Yes, I know some of you are sitting there saying you agree and totally know what I’m talking about. Some of you might be saying, “I really don’t know if a house is feminine or masculine.”

Of course, some obvious things giving the home a feminine feel are fluffy, bright, maybe some feathers, lots of color and it must have some bling. So would you think pink is an obvious feminine color. Well, I would say absolutely not. There are some shades of pink that can come off as masculine.

Yes, most masculine traits are darker colors, bold solid pieces of furniture usually with very straight lines and not a lot of color or bling.

Textures are another thing that can and will help identify the feminine or masculine feel. Plaid comes into play and usually comes off masculine. My husband is very quiet, reserved and does not show emotions very often so you would say, yup, masculine traits. My husband also enjoys colors, enjoys yard work, loves loves loves flowers and would make you think, “OK, maybe he is feminine.” Actually, I would say he is 50/50; just the right amount of masculine and feminine within.

Houses can also reflect the same thing; you can bring the feminine and masculine into the decor throughout your home. I believe it gives your house character and allows for great conversation pieces.

So we have talked about the guy couples, but honestly the female couples follow the same type of traits and characteristics. I’ve even seen some houses where one room is feminine, one room is masculine and that pattern continues through the entire home.

Next time you walk into a home to visit to view or maybe to purchase, pay attention to the feminine and masculine feels. I would love to have the opportunity to meet you greet you and show you houses in the Gayborhood. Keep in mind, a house will not
always have the feeling your wanting when you first enter it. If you can dream or envision what it could be, that’s when the decoration comes into play. Make your house your home, not what someone thinks it should be. It should be a reflection of the owners from top to bottom, just like your positions, top to bottom.

Have fun decorating your dream. Until next time, add some bling into your swing!

Intero Realty’s John Buchanan has more than twenty years’ experience as a realtor, and writes ‘In the Gayborhood’ to communicate, educate and save his clients money. He welcomes all referrals, whether you’re buying, selling, renting or leasing. For more information, call 832-969-4352 or email